• January 14, 2004

Cutting Down on Fumes From Paint and Varnish

How To

Somewhere online I read that chopped onions in water helps to absorb fumes from paint and varnish. So I decided to try it.

It didn’t completely eliminate the fumes, but it did help since the house didn’t smell as bad as it did last time we did varnishing. Maybe we needed more onions?

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  1. Pam Mc

    Hi Heather & Dave, I discovered your website about a week ago and have returned faithfully to view your progress. It’s very inspiring. My husband and I are also restoring a bungalow in Camp Hill, PA. A lot of what we’re encountering, you’ve already chronicled and it’s heartening to know we’re not alone. I was so pleased to read about Heather’s experiences using the Silent Paint remover as I’ve been removing paint from doors & woodwork w/my own SPR. I can’t wait to try your latest trick using onions & water to remove odors. Your enthusiasm is catching.

  2. heather


    Hi. Thanks for visiting our site and your kind message. We wish you all the best with your own restoration project. Keep in touch and we’d love to see some pictures of your house.

    Best, Heather + Dave

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