• December 20, 2003

What We Have Accomplished So Far

Restoration Diary,

Oliver on the new cherry wood stairs.

Although we’ve made progress on the house, I still see all the things that we need to fix or all the things I’d like to change. So, I think now is a good time to take a look back and focus on just how far we’ve come in the past year and three months.

We began landscaping.

We have started the restoration of our front porch. We hired someone to rebuild the brick piers that support the wood columns holding up the roof. We removed a roof covering the pergola on the north end of the porch. We plan to grow vines over this. The failing cement steps were replaced with steps made from redwood. The 4″ thick layer of cement covering the porch floor was removed. Low walls built around the porch were removed and the original porch railing was restored.

The dining room was completely restored. See pictures.

We had a new roof put on. The dormers were stripped of their asbestos shingles. The original wood shingles couldn’t be saved so we had the dormers re-shingled.

The restoration of our living room has begun.

We are still trying to select a paint color for the exterior. Any suggestions?

Installed central heat.

Added some more electrical outlets to the upstairs bedroom which we plan on using as an office.

Had a carpenter replace the old plywood stairs leading to the top floor with nice steps made from cherry wood that was generously donated by my dad.

Before we moved into the house:

Replaced the foundation. Bolted for earthquake safety.

Connected to the city sewer line. Our sewer line was illegally tapping into our neighbor’s sewer line.

Had the wood floors refinished.

Kitchen floor: Pulled up press on vinyl tiles that covered plywood which was nailed and screwed into the floor. The floor is uneven so the previous owner had poured plaster into the lower areas to level the floor. All the plaster had to be carefully hammered out.

Upstairs bathroom floor: Pulled up layers of old linoleum. This was a horrible job. Removed the black tar-like backing that was stuck to the floor after the linoleum was taken out.

 Removed various cabinets from the upstairs bath and kitchen.

 Painted the two upstairs bedrooms.

I guess we have accomplished a lot but we still have such a long way to go…sigh.

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  1. a.j.

    Your house is beautiful, you have done a superb job. It takes a true artist to envision what lays beneath the surface. I can’t wait to see it as it develops. Keep up the good work, all of this looks somehow very familar.

  2. Kathy Charest

    Heather and David, I ran across this website looking for ways to paint my cement porch. My husband and I have been remodeling our kitchen and are worn out from all the work. After spending an hour or more looking at all your photos and reading what you guys have been through (and realizing the work you have yet to accomplish at the point of this writing), I don’t feel so worn out! Ha ha. You guys have got your work cut out, what a beautiful home you have found, I love the wood! I would love to see more updated photos to see how it is all turning out.

    Kathy Charest

  3. heather


    Hi! Thanks for your message. I really do need to get some more “After” photos posted. I have been meaning to – just haven’t gotten to it yet. :)

    Thanks again and best of luck with your porch.

  4. Maureen aka "BungalowMo

    There is a special place in “old house heaven” for folks like you. I came upon your pages while on another site. Wonderful job & kudos for keeping her healthy!!!


    Drop in on the forums on “oldhouseweb.com” You will be welcomed with open arms & lots of kindred friends!

  5. Cheryl Bullock

    This is amazing – awesome job guys.

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