• November 1, 2003

Halloween Horror

Nothing to give you a fright like a thunderstorm when your roof is being replaced

Restoration Diary,

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  1. Kevin


    I feel for you. The rain’s coming down into my roofless 4 plex. I’ve lost some more sleep, but there’s not much I can do until the place is tarped tomorrow.

    Just have to do another round of mop up.


  2. heather

    Oh, Kevin! I haven’t checked the site for a while. How did your 4-plex hold up to all the rain? Hopefully, you have a roof on by now. We will need to replace 3 plaster ceilings…

  3. Susan

    Hi Heather,

    My husband and I are restoring a bungalow in Old Torrance. Last winter we had a leak in the living room…to the point where the wall above the fire place looked like it was crying. My husband, Keith, patched the roof and so far this year no leaks. Best wishes with your restoration, Susan

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