• October 5, 2003

Recommended Reading

These books have been invaluable during our home restoration


These are the books that I refer to time and time again:
Bungalow Kitchens
Bungalow Bathrooms
Bungalow Colors Exteriors

Other great books:
Outside the Bungalow
Inside the Bungalow
Dare to Repair

American Bungalow
This Old House
Old House Journal

American Bungalow Magazine’s Online Forum

Other home restoration websites:

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  1. Annabelle Hughes

    I recently purchased the bungalow I have been living in for many years. No remodeling has been done to it so I am basically living in a time warp. From the moment I walked thru the front door many years ago I knew I was home. There are things I have to do and things I want to do. Your website is the best I have come across. Looking at what you have done and the research and pictures is exciting. THANKS ! “I’ll be back” many times to check on your progress and pictures.

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