• October 3, 2003

John L. Welsh Descendants

Learning more about the family who built our home

Restoration Diary,

Ida K. Welsh was born on August 12, 1872, in Pennsylvania. That would actually make her 4 years older than what she reported to the census takers in 1920. She died on May 1, 1962, in Los Angeles. Her maiden name was Boll and the “K” in her middle name may have stood for Kuhler, her mother’s maiden name.

John’s Daughter and Son-in-law
Upon further research I’ve discovered that John L. Welsh’s son-in-law Don Catudal, of 91345 Mission Hills, Los Angeles, CA, born on May 26, 1896, died in November of 1976. John and Ida’s daughter, Mary “Magdalen” Welsh Catudal was born on December 2, 1897. She died on December 14, 1957 at 60 years of age.

John’s Grandsons
Ray Catudal died in September of 1986. His birth date is listed as December 30, 1925. Roy F. Catudal died on November 9, 2002, just two months after we closed escrow on the house. His last residence was listed as 96051 Lakehead, Shasta, CA. The odd thing is his birth date is listed as October 6, 1924. In the 1930 Census both boys were listed as age 5 so I had assumed they were twins. Being born 14 months apart may have felt almost like being twins? Another interesting fact is that their social security numbers were 1 digit apart so they were obviously applied for at the same time.

It saddens me a little to discover that all the people who first lived in our house have passed on, along with their memories.

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  1. ST

    Wow! How interesting, and what a surprise to find all of this online. My Uncle and Godfather Ray Catudal grew up in your home, and he would be so happy to see how beautifully you’re restoring it, I’m sure. Loved reading about the marbles you found. Roy and Ray were wonderful men and I’m sure they had lots of fun in that house!

    The first people who lived in the home have passed on, but their children haven’t.

    I’ve emailed Ray’s children with this link.

  2. heather

    Thank you so much for posting to our site! When we first moved into the house I spent some time researching the past owners, but we have gotten so busy working on the house that I never followed through with trying to contact the family.

    When I started my search I wanted to find out more about the Welsh/Catudal family and to maybe be able to get in touch with them. We would love to see old photos of our house if any exist to help with the restoration.

    Thanks again for writing. It is wonderful to make contact after all my research!


  3. Cathy Catudal Griffin

    I am Don Catudal’s granddaughter, and Ray Catudal’s daughter. I currently live in Lancaster Califoria. I, as well as my sister Laura, would love to talk or email with you about the house you wrote about. And we would love to come by and see it! When you wrote about finding marbles that the twins (10-6-24 is their correct birthdays) (Wow! That’s today!) played with , it brought tears to my eyes. Please feel free to email me so we can share information and memories.
    Thank you. Cathy Griffin
    [email protected]

  4. heather


    Hello! Thank you so much for contacting us. I emailed you a long message to your Yahoo account (a little more private), telling you about some of the work we’ve done on the house and other items we have found.

    Please email when you get a chance. We would be so honored to learn more about your family.

    heather + dave

  5. Ray Catudal

    Hello! I am Ray Catudal, the son of Ken and Eleanor Catudal. Ken is the brother of Ray and Roy Catudal who were both my Uncles. It is so great to see how you have developed the bungalow. I really like the woodend surroundings. My father Ken is now 73 and suffering from medical problems. My parents are doing well and in high spirits and live in Ukiah. Of course my father will enjoy seeing the web site you have built. I found your web site when I was doing a search on my own name on Google. The history you have researched is something no one in my family has done. So thanks again. Cheers and best wishes from the city where people “left their heart,” SF.

    Ray Catudal

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