• August 13, 2003


Find out more about realtors working in the West Adams area of Los Angeles

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I’m sure there are other realtors working in West Adams but here are the two we know personally. They also both live in West Adams. I think it is an advantage to work with a realtor who personally knows the area you wish to buy in.

Jim Weber (The realtor who we used to purchase our home)
Jim Weber is a great guy. He has lived in West Adams for many years in a beautiful old home which he and his family have restored. He is very knowledgeable and excited about older homes.

He gave David and I a tour of the area before we were sure this was an area we wanted to live in. We worked with him for over a year before finding our house. Did I mention that he is also a patient man? I’m sure I drove him crazy on many occasions but he was always very kind to us while we searched for just the right home. He did send us a Christmas card so maybe (hopefully) that means we are forgiven?

Because he has restored his own home and is involved in the restoration community, Jim has a lot of resources that he has shared with us from who to call for redoing your floors to title changes, and everything in between. That is the benefit of working with a realtor who lives and works in your area.

Jim Weber Realty Group
P.O. Box 15971
Los angeles, CA 90015
phone: 323.735.0700
email: [email protected]
website: http://www.craftsmanhomes.com

Adam Janeiro
Adam Janeiro lives in the West Adams area in a bungalow that he and his wife have spent the past several years restoring. Adam has firsthand knowledge of the joys and challenges inherent in restoring an older home. When we first moved into the area they referred us to contractors, salvage yards and introduced us to some of our neighbors.

Adam works for City Living Realty (a brokerage with over twenty years experience in the neighborhood) and writes a blog about architecture, neighborhoods, urban issues, and real estate market conditions. The url is www.recenteringelpueblo.com. That’s right: Recentering El Pueblo.

Adam Janeiro
City Living Realty
[email protected]

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