• August 6, 2003

Getting New Furnace, Nov 2002

Restoration Diary,

Two months after we moved into the house my Dad drove out from Indiana and installed a furnace for us. We had no heat in the house and I don’t think my Dad could stand the idea of me freezing out here in Southern California (hey, we do get cold nights and I am usually wearing a coat by November).

At that time we couldn’t afford the 10K + quotes we were given to purchase and install a new furnace so my Dad purchased the equipment at a fraction of the cost in Indiana and we (mostly he) installed it ourselves. We have had a few minor set backs due to the DIY installation, not that I am complaining.

Not the most flattering or even informative photo of me with the new heater.

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  1. sandy

    Michael is going to love seeing the web page about the house – it will be his ideal version of reality TV. I’ll enjoy it too – becasue I’ll get to see you doing things I never would have thought you would do 15 years ago (like wearing such a fashionable mask.)
    An old friend

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