• August 22, 2003

Antique Bricks

A resource for antique bricks in the Los Angeles area



Over the last three days we have been frantically looking for antique brick that will match the original bricks on the porch. While I was doing some searching on the internet yesterday I remembered that the recent LA Magazine had mentioned a stone store which sells high quality stones for construction projects – Bourget Brothers.

I gave them a call to see if they carried bricks. They do. They also happen to be conveniently located in Santa Monica so I visited them this morning and I think I’ve found a match. Heather and I will be returning to the store this afternoon to take a closer look and purchase the 100 bricks we need to continue our porch restoration.

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  1. j

    Whoo hoo! Heather and Dave have a neat blog! That’s awesome about the bricks…tell Jeff on the AB Forum. He and his DW are looking for some very specific antique brick…we’ll be looking for some in the spring. A really strange size that they don’t make anymore. Good find!

    Best of luck with the WL!


  2. Kevin


    Let me know if you still need any more. I have a number of chimney bricks that had to come down when my 4plex was moved. They may match.

    Echo Park

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