• October 5, 2006

Wide Open Spaces

We try to decide if we should enclose our hallway?

Restoration Diary

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  1. Eric

    You should absolutely make a closet out of that.


  2. Carol

    We have little closets in the eaves of our 1 1/2 story bungalow that we walk into hunch-backed to get the plastic boxes of clothes and blankets. They originally put heart pine flooring in there and a small square door for access. Its not geared for hanging clothing (not tall enough, and if you did, then you couldn’t get your body through). If I were you, and I could start from scratch (and if you are kind of tall) I would configure some built-in drawers or multiple compartments that you can access from the finished rooms, instead of crawling back there.

  3. rpf

    Heather, you should make closets out of your knee wall area. Its like a secret room you found for free. The great thing is it will give you a place to put all your childhood treasurers when they arrive.

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