• February 4, 2005

Restoration Realities – the TV Show

Our experiences being on a DIY television show

Restoration Diary

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  1. Michelle

    Hey Guys!

    Wow! What a difference, I still remember the first pictures you sent when you started. I love the website. Maybe Claus and I should do one for our house, “P.O.S. Ranch”. :)

  2. Jess

    Can’t wait to see the episode. 6 degrees of seperation, huh?

    LOL about David making up his hobbies. At least he didn’t say, “underwater Tibetan basketweaving”, or the like.

  3. Leah

    Hey I was wondering what happened to the two of you! Now I see you took a well-deserved blogging break after your whirlwind TV experience. You got me all stressed out, Heather, just READING about your being left in the dark while they attacked your front entrance! You have my sympathies. I am also quite getting used to tackling projects myself, after a lifetime of just sitting back and watching, so I can understand how this sudden lack of control and insight could have been so nail-biting.

    Especially when your husband tries to upstage you by making up hobbies ;) (Pretty clever there, David.)

    But it turned out great you guys and I hope I get to catch the episode some day!

    Leah @ Raise The Ranch

  4. deb

    That sounds like the experience of a lifetime! Congratulations on your new entrance!
    BTW, your blog is awesome, one of the best! You, and others, have inspired us to create our own…Keep up the great work you two!

    [email protected] bungalow

  5. Kristin

    I’ve always wanted to be on an HGTV, DIY or TLC show, but I figure they’ll never make it to good ol’ Eutaw, Alabama, population: 1,900.

    Sounds like you had quite an experience!

  6. Nick

    Very very cool. By your description I’m questioning whether the show will meet its promise of showing the “reality” side of restoring a home, but I guess we’ll find out in March!

  7. Jill

    Your house is really to die for. I’ve been following your progress and you are doing a wonderful job. I love bungalows, but alas, don’t live in one. [/covet] *grin* At any rate, I’m looking forward to the new series in general, and your episode in particular.

  8. merideth

    I’m so excited for y’all and your place in tv history. Cant wait to see the episode as well as the continuing (beautiful) work on your house!

  9. Chris Babcock

    David & Heather!

    Incredible web site! I think its better than our show! It was fun to be a part of it with you, and Im sorry for stressing you out so bad! We never got back to see the door in the daylight, but the pictures you posted look great! One of these days, I’ll get my drill bit back from you two! Better yet, use it on another project. Just show a picture of it sometime so I know its loved!

    And by the way David, get back to work!


  10. Dave

    Interesting reading all the comments. It was a good show and I like the screen door. I am suprised they would cut your windows! Why not just use the foam on the inside of where the windows press up against? no cutting needed… or if you needed to trim a little, it would be on this sash pieces and not the window frames themselves.

    Did you get any sort of compensation for the show using your house besides the free food and screen door?

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