• April 23, 2004

Gearing Up For the Exterior

Getting ready to restore the exterior of our bungalow

Restoration Diary

We are gearing up to tackle the exterior restoration. The hole in the side of our house is a great motivator! Some decisions that we have been putting off need to be made quickly.

Will we remove the security bars from our windows? Still undecided.

What color are we going to paint the house? The body will be green. We are deciding if we will go with a dark brown color or cream color for the trim. After that we need to select a color to paint the window sashes.

What color do we paint the porch floor and front steps? Still don’t know.

What are we going to do about the exterior lighting? The previous owner placed photo cell lights around the house. They don’t put out much light and are rather ugly.

We have decided to remove the original clapboard from the back porch walls and the sun room to patch the exterior. There might just be enough which would be good because we found out that the 3/4″ thickness of our redwood siding is not standard or commonly available. Having boards specially milled is expensive. We are still researching our options.

I think finishing the exterior is going to have largest impact on our restoration. We are excited and feel like we are making progress again.

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  1. Cheryll

    Hi Heather! You sound in much better spirits today! Your idea of scavenging the old siding from the porch and sunroom to patch the main house is such a good idea! I never would have thought of that! I LOVE the cedar shakes on your dormers. Maybe you could use the same materials for the porch and sunroom. It would add contrast and character to your exterior. I am so glad you are going with the green color for the exterior! Your house just SCREAMS GREEN!!! There is a beautiful bungalow 2 blocks down from us (that has already been restored) and they used the dark green and blue color scheme. Green for the body, dark blue for the roof and a cream color for the trim around the windows. They also used the same dark blue roof color as a trim color for the porch railings and floor. The right shades of blue and green look great together. I really like it and am jealous… I think our house has always been white. BORING!!!!! In our area they are also using a deep dark PLUM with the green and the results are just stunning! Green and Plum is really sharp looking! My favorite colors are still green, blue and the dark country red. I also like the creamy yellow for the body of the house, with the old deep dark red roof and green trim. That was a popular color scheme when our homes were built. I think back then… roofing came in red or green and that was it! Possibly black, but I won’t swear to it. We haven’t gotten that far as to chosing the exterior colors. Our house once sat in another place in town and was moved in the 1940s. The porch we have now was added then and is not original to the house. We do have pictures of the original porch and my building contractor brother is going to rebuild it…someday! Hopefully this summer. He lives in Washington and only gets homes twice a year. Well, it is starting to storm here and time to turn off the PC. We had damaging tornados Monday near Chicago. It whiped out half of a small town. The weather here in Illinois can get scarey sometimes…Cheryll

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